International negotiations

“In-ear” interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting - succeed in negotiations!

When building relationships in international negotiations, you need one thing above all in addition to technical and socio-cultural expertise: you need to understand the language! Interpreters are generally indispensable. Diplomatic, business and political negotiations are the most common scenarios. Our tour guide system enables individuals or a group to listen to the translation with headsets. It can either be provided in complete silence from an interpreting booth or by a negotiation interpreter in situ. If clarification is required or more information is needed, the switchable dialogue function provides a convenient solution.

Simultaneous interpreting system

Reliable partner

Our reliable system delivers high-quality audio and is intuitive to use. Using rapid channel synchronisation combined with multiple transmitters, our interpreting system can facilitate simultaneous interpreting into several languages. Entire groups are quickly and easily formed or split. Naturally, it is possible to rent individual components in large quantities for peak periods.

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Digitale Führungsanlage TG-200 - Sender und Empfänger

TOM-Audio TG-200

Digital tour guide system

For everyone who wants best performance: the new TOM-Audio TG-200 eTour runs for over 30 hours. In tourist hot spots, 70 radio channels ensure interference-free transmission.

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Audioguide GroupyCompany with dialogue functionality

Audioguide GroupyCompany

GroupyCompany – tour guide system & audio guide

GroupyCompany is a special combination device which consists in equal parts of a tour guide system and an audio guide. With this feature, you can speak live and play prepared content in 18 different languages.

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