Mobile speakers - the expedient alternative to fixed installations!

Mobile speaker systems with a microphone provide the perfect sound reinforcement for your event, be it hosting and/or music.


Weatherproof portable speaker with radio hand microphone


  • independent of a mains power supply
  • indoor and outdoor use
  • even for untrained users
  • rather compact columns

Weatherproof portable speaker with microphone and round handy aluminium carrying pole. Absolutely perfect for mobile applications.

To the product

From small to large – mobile systems are easy to extend!

Mobile sound systems are easily extended by cable connections or radio links and can be combined with existing devices. This allows our systems to easily reinforce sound at larger events if needed. In order to combine hosting and music input, our systems provide ducking with a built-in MP3 and CD player.

Better to test first?

No one wants to deal with complicated technology, we prefer quick and easy solutions. This important property has top priority with our mobile systems. See for yourself with a free test! Request it directly via the respective product!

Finding the right system

What should you clarify in advance?

Good to know

What will it be used for?

Mobile speaker systems with the appropriate equipment are available for a wide variety of applications: sports events, congresses, concerts, trainings, promotions, lectures, processions – indoors and outdoors –, in gyms, classrooms, on shop floors, in halls or pedestrian zones and on sports fields. Each application comes with its own requirements. Does the system have to be weatherproof, very easy to transport or particularly robust? Should the microphones be wireless or wired? Are there background noises or structural features to consider, should music and speech be transported in the best possible way?

We recommended consulting our qualified personnel. Our experienced colleagues ask the right questions and ensure that the sound reinforcement works optimally for your (structural) conditions.

When does a speaker have to be weatherproof?

Weatherproof or waterproof?

Can the system be used outdoors?

If your event is taking place outdoors, we recommend that you use a weatherproof speaker system. Even if the speakers and the rest of the equipment are covered. The crossover on these models is waterproof and the cabinets are specially designed for weather conditions.

Why mobile speakers?

Fixed installation vs. mobile equipment

Stay flexible

In contrast to fixed installations, portable speaker systems offer substantial economic efficiency as the range of applications for mobile speaker systems is considerably larger – especially in municipal environments. The investment in wireless speaker systems pays for itself much faster. The systems can be expanded or combined with existing devices via cable connections or radio links. Mobile, wireless speaker systems with wireless microphones can also be used for larger events without any problems. 

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Can laypersons operate the system?

Does it require a professional?

Keep it simple!

None of our customers wants to deal with complicated technology. A complete sound system allows the reproduction of music input and speech. We therefore offer systems with automatic ducking, built-in MP3 recorder and CD player.

Our mobile speaker systems with radio microphone are easy and fast to operate. This critical feature is confirmed in our testimonials and has top priority when the selecting suitable products for our portfolio. In addition, the radio microphone is licensed EU-wide, which is also important to us. Our devices work in the free UHF range and are free of registration and fees. 

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Where, what, why - which sound system do I need for the right sound reinforcement?

Not all speakers are the same. Let us find the right equipment for you!

Not sure which is the right one?

Mobile, wireless, portable sound systems with radio microphones are expedient alternatives to fixed installations. In contrast to fixed installations, they are much more cost-effective because they get used much more frequently - especially in municipal environments.

Speaker systems are available in many variants and in a wide price range. So which is best? We help you to ask the right questions. Because it's not that easy. Many components play a role in the right sound reinforcement.

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