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We won’t leave you out in the rain. We always strive to offer you the optimal solution for your requirements. And that’s born out by the success stories you can read from our satisfied customers. To make full use of the potential of our tour guide systems, we offer you a range of associated services.

As a rule, you can try out every product for free and without obligation for up to 5 working days. We will be happy to advise you by phone during this phase. If you wish, one of our staff will come to your premises and introduce our tour guide systems to you.

Have you made a decision? A sales representative will be happy to personally deliver your tour guide system and give up to 2-hours of training on your premises, tailored to your requirements. This saves you money and everyone involved can learn how to operate your new tour guide systems right from the start.

We offer online training in the GroupySync software for Windows for our GroupyCompany audio guide & tour guide system hybrid. Among other things, you will learn how to use the text-to-speech feature quickly and properly.

Are you renting a tour guide system and need technical support? No problem - an employee will take care of transport for the tour guide system and on-site technical support. You don’t need to worry about return shipments.

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