TOM-Audio TG-100 for minibuses

The ideal companion for bus tours with smaller groups

Communicate clearly with this tour guide system, also in minibuses and while driving.

Key facts about our little helper

The purpose of a tour guide system is clear: you want people to hear your information and this is exactly what our digital tour guide system assist with on bus trips. The TOM-Audio TG-100 eTour for minibuses is not only absolutely functional and comfortable, it also sets real standards in terms of size, weight, operating time and value for money. At just 33 grams, the devices are unbeatably light and, thanks to proven technology, extremely mobile and flexible.


A sophisticated set for on the road

During the tour, the driver can speak into the lightweight, almost invisible earpiece microphone and concentrate fully on the traffic. If another tour guide or one of the passengers wants to have their say, you can find a practical handheld microphone in our accessories.

The way it works is straightforward: Connect the microphone to the transmitter. Connect the receiver to the bus sound system using the supplied audio cable. The bottom line: The sound comes from the vehicle’s speakers.

For the ears and the heart

Not only do we protect your vocal chords – we also care for the environment. That's why we only use rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that provide 15 to 20 hours of operation. Our high-quality headsets are designed for reuse and are easy to keep clean and hygienic with specially developed disinfectant wipes. Our digital tour guide systems stand for a high-quality, sensible and lasting investment.

What if the battery runs low?

Our TOM-Audio TG-100 Tour Guide Set for minibuses offers two solutions. The vehicle charging adapter plugs in to the cigarette lighter and enables transmitters and receivers to be charged simultaneously on the road. For everyone who likes to come prepared, the transport case includes a dual charging adapter which plugs in to wall sockets.

Transmitter of the digital tour guide system

TOM-Audio TG-100T 

Digital 56-channel UHF pocket transmitter

The  TOM-Audio TG-100T  pocket transmitter is used in conjunction with the TOM-Audio TG-100R pocket receiver for guided tours or whispered interpreting.

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Central switching of the group’s radio channels in case of external interference
  • Display for volume, radio channel and battery charge status
  • Volume adjustable in 8 steps
  • 600 mAh lithium polymer battery built-in but easily replaceable
  • Operating time approx. 15 hours
  • Weight only 34 grams
  • Dimensions 69 x 40 x 12 mm
  • Colour white
Receiver of the digital tour guide system

TOM-Audio TG-100R 

Digital 56-channel UHF pocket receiver

The digital 56-channel UHF technology offers generous alternatives in the event of frequency collisions, and enables several visitor groups to be guided at the same time in close proximity.

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Worn around the neck with light safety lanyard
  • Display for volume, radio channel and battery charge status
  • Buttons for ON/OFF, volume +/-, automatic key lock
  • 600 mAh lithium polymer battery built-in
  • Operating time approx. 20 hours
  • Weight only 32 grams
  • Dimensions 88 x 40 x 12 mm
  • Micro USB charging connector
  • Colour blue
TOM-Audio ES-63-01 Earset microphone

TOM-Audio ES-6301 

Earset microphone

Earset or earbuds microphone for use with pocket transmitter incl. cable and case. Top quality, professional condenser microphone (back electret)!

Very filigree, light construction and pleasant wearing comfort as well as best sound characteristics for vocals and speech.

Technical details:
  • High-quality omnidirectional microphone capsule
  • Interchangeable microphone cable
  • Ear hooks padded with silicone tubing
  • Adjustable microphone arm
  • Earset weight: ~ 23 g
  • Colour: skin-coloured
  • Frequency range: 50 to 20,000 Hz
  • SPL: max. 135 dB
  • Supply voltage: 1.5 to 12 V DC
  • Impedance: 1 kΩ 30%
  • Sensitivity: -46dB 3dB
Lanyard for tour guide system

TOM-Audio TG-100LY 

Lanyard for pocket transmitter/receiver

  • Extra safety lock: opens on its own when the load is too great, protecting the wearer against potential injury.
  • Width: 10mm
  • Colour: black

Customised designs with logo printing are also available.

Jack cable for vehicles

Jack cable for vehicles 

Connects the receiver to the car radio

  • 0.5 m
  • 3.5 mm for vehicles
USB cable

USB to mini-USB cable 

Charging cable for adapter

  • 20 cm
  • Two pieces included
TOM-Audio case for car set

TOM-Audio case for car set 

Carrying bag

  • Robust and padded
  • Separate compartments
Dual USB charging adapter

Dual USB charging adapter 

Charging for home

Port with two connectors

  • Fastest possible charge of up to 4.8A or 2.4A per port
  • Compact size
  • Equipped with two USB ports
Car charging adapter

Car charging adapter 

Charging for on the road

Port with two connectors

  • Fastest possible charge of up to 4.8A or 2.4A per port
  • Smallest and lightest USB car charger on the market
  • Equipped with two USB ports
  • LED light for nighttime
TOM-Audio Hand Microphone DM-20 modified

TOM-Audio DM-20 (modified) 

Electret Condenser Hand Microphone

The TOM-Audio DM-20 is modified by BMS Audio so it can operate with the TOM-Audio TG-100T pocket transmitter. A high-quality electret condenser cardioid microphone capsule was used in this modification. The cardioid pattern is effective in reducing ambient noise.

The TOM-Audio DM-20 (modified) is recommended when a headset or neckband microphone is predominantly used for guided tours and a handheld microphone is only required in exceptional cases.

If a handheld microphone is required regularly, the TOM-Audio TG-100H is preferable.

Disinfectant wipe

TOM-Audio Disinfectant Wipe 

Disinfectant wipe - individually packed

Single-use disinfectant wipe for hygienic reprocessing of headphones, transmitters and receivers.

  • 20 x 20 cm
  • 100, 500 or 1,000 wipes
  • Odorless
  • Alcohol free
  • Made in Germany
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