AUDIOGUIDE - GroupyCompany

A tour guide system and audio guide in one

Audioguide GroupyCompany – A hybrid of tour guide system and audio guide

Features Audioguide GroupyCompany:

  • Multilingualism within a guided group
  • Dual-speaking function for two guides in parallel
  • Extremely small, light and robust
  • User-friendly, intuitive user interface
  • Integrated GPS system
  • Transport bag, charging station and transmission system in one
  • Windows GroupySync is used for processing, synchronising and managing your content: Text-to-speech: text is converted to MP3 format, 18 languages, different accents (e.g. British English, American English), male or female voice output
  • Own branding is possible
  • Theft protection on request as accessory


How can you tell if you need a GroupyCompany audio guide?

  • You want to playback audio recordings during guided tours
  • You want optimal communication during your adventure tour
  • You want two guides to be able to communicate with the group at the same time
  • You want to offer several languages at the same time during guided tours

Rental enquiry

dialogue functionality new tour guide system

Your rental package includes


GroupyCompany Controller Tag

For the guide

The controller tag offers basically the same functionality as the one for the visitor. A controller identifier is also pre-programmed at the factory. The pre-configured devices offer the possibility to start audio files for the guests and to transmit the voice of the tour guide live to the group via an external headset microphone.


  • Weight: 90 g
  • Size: 95 x 60 x 13 mm
  • Working frequency: 239-2507 MHz
  • Internal battery: LiPo 3.7V, 2000mAh, approx. 13 hours streaming
  • Storage space: approx. 2 GB content (corresponds to approx. 4000 minutes)
Audioguide-GroupyCompany Receiver

GroupyCompany user tag

For your guests

The basic functions are listening to recorded audio files (Mp3 format, 128 KBit CBR) and receiving and playing back live streams via the built-in radio receiver. Audio is output via the built-in speaker or connected headphones.


  • Weight: 90 g
  • Size: 95 x 60 x 13 mm
  • Internal battery: LiPo 3.7V, 2000mAh, approx. 13 hours streaming
  • Storage space: approx. 2 GB content (corresponds to approx. 4000 minutes)
  • Supported audio format: MP3, CBR 128 kbps, 44100Hz sample rate, approx. 500 KB/minute
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55 C
TOM-Audio PH-03 Ein-Ohr Hörer

TOM-Audio PH-03

One-ear receiver "The Soft One"

Every guest (listener) requires one earpiece. In your rental package TOM-Audio TG-101, we supply a sufficient number of one-ear earphones with a soft ear hook.


  • Soft ear hook 
  • Full mobility
  • Connecting cable for receiver
  • Handsets can be disinfected
Audioguide-GroupyCompany headphones

GroupyCompany Headset Pro

Headset for the tour guide system with dialogue function

The guide needs a hands-free set  because tours involving dialogue need equipment that supports speaking and listening alike.


  • Listening and speaking in one
  • device which is worn over the ear
  • Full mobility
  • Disinfection or exchange of pads possible
Audioguide-GroupyCompany bag

GroupyCompany charging system

A clever solution for charging and transport

Charging and data transmission in one. With the charging system, all tags can be charged at the same time in the provided slots. The outermost right row of slots has the additional special feature that the tags inside can be connected to a PC via USB.


  • Supply voltage: 220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Charging rate with simultaneous charging on all 56 slots: 1.2A
  • Size: 51 x 42 x 20 cm
  • Operating temperature: 0° C to +40° C
Audioguide-GroupyCompany Setup

GroupyCompany Software

Configure your system

Windows Software. The Windows software GroupySync Data enables you to edit, manage and update data. Configuration and content data are carried out in conjunction with the CS25/CS56 charging systems.


  • Text-to-speech
  • 18 languages and accents
  • Male or female voice output

If you have any questions, we are available anytime: +49 7951 9622-200


We will be pleased to make you a specific, binding offer for rental from our Audioguide GroupyCompany.. For this we will need some information:

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