Back to everyday life with tour guide systems from BMS Audio

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The current pandemic has presented us with massive social challenges. In the meantime, one can already speak of getting used to the "new everyday life": Safety distance and masks are omnipresent.

However, these limitations are most evident at all events and on all occasions when larger groups of people come together. This also poses new challenges for companies and institutions. BMS Audio helps to meet these problems professionally. Our digital tour guide systems are used at many new events. For example, the TOM Audio TG-101 offers a dialogue function beyond perfect comprehension: from queries to entire discussions. Rent one of our systems, which are already successfully used during Corona:

BASF used our tour guide system with dialogue function within the scope of an award

BASF has been a partner in the joint project "Efficient promotion of biodiversity in agriculturally used landscapes" (EFA), which was founded in 2019. Now that this has been recognized as an official project of the UN Decade of Biological Diversity, Ulrike Höfken, Minister of the Environment of Rhineland-Palatinate, presented the award to the Georg von Neumayer Foundation as project sponsor. With the help of our tour guide system, the natural character of the event could be preserved without masks, and despite the appropriate distance, clear communication was maintained.

The city of Crailsheim applies with our tour guide system for the State Garden Show 2031

"This is really impressive. It's unbelievable what has been put together here," said a participant in the Laga technical commission. The delegation for the inspection of the potenzielle surfaces for the national horticultural show in Crailsheim was at any time with sufficient distance on the way. The TOM Audio TG-200 nevertheless ensured crystal-clear communication via digital radio. We keep our fingers crossed for our hometown for 2031.

Waiblingen succeeds in restarting the historical city tours

Already since Saturday, August 8th, a bit of normality is back in Waiblingen. The popular city tours can be visited again. The guides are supported by our TOM-Audio TG-100 tour guide system to ensure that the Corona requirements are still met and thus protect all participants. The tour guide system is characterized by its low weight and easy operation. So the focus is entirely on the tour through the city.

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Back to everyday life with guided tours - Here in Crailsheim
Back to everyday life with guided tours - Here in Crailsheim
Back to everyday life with guided tours - Here in Crailsheim
Back to everyday life with guided tours - Here in Crailsheim