Tourism Restart 2021: Save costs with the Tour Guide App elysium® tgs

Redakteur: Alexander von Kleinsorgen           

After the virus is before the holiday - The year 2020 not only demanded a great deal of change and discipline from society, but for many it also prevented the long awaited holiday. All the stronger is the longing for travel and recreation.

For the time after Corona, the tourism industry can rely on the Germans' great desire to travel. Current surveys* show that almost three quarters of Germans are planning a holiday in 2021. Holidays in Germany are increasingly coming into focus. More than half of those surveyed say they are planning a city break. Good prospects for the tour guides of city tours and museums.
Offer professional tours and save up to 80% in costs
Unfortunately, however, the good prospects are often offset by depleted financial reserves. A professional tour guide system is needed - but it must not cost anything. Impossible? No! The tour guide system as App elysium® tgs does not require any prior investment in hardware. The app only generates costs when you earn money. This is possible due to a licensing model - the app itself is free of charge. The only preparation is the quick download of the app to the smartphones of the participants of your tour - of course this is also possible in the run-up to your tour. On site you add your guests to your group: Simply by scanning a QR code or by providing registration data for your group. The app is already ready for your tour. This uncomplicated and fast operational readiness means that you as a tour guide are always available, even in uncertain times.
Numerous functions - test it now completely free of charge
The Tour Guide App elysium® tgs offers extensive features that go far beyond the possibilities of a hardware-bound tour guide system. In addition to the basic function, the transmission of the tour guide's language to the smartphones of the guests, a dialogue function can be switched on at any time to answer the participants' questions - each with unlimited range. elysium® tgs clearly displays the tour participants in a list and also allows for easy localisation of your guests on a map. Furthermore, you can determine a meeting point and the smartphones show a route to the specified location. Text messages are available for transmitting further information. Images can also be sent to all participants. In the background of the app there is an extensive administration interface. Planning and overview of your tours thus become very easy.

The release of elyisum® tgs is planned for early 2021. Register now for a free beta test: Use the current time to test the app in detail. We look forward to your feedback:


elysium® tgs - Tour Guide System as an app
elysium® tgs - Tour Guide System as an app