How to recruit employees with a tour guide system

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Personnel recruitment presents many companies with a major challenge. You have loads of work but qualified employees are hard to find – or hard to keep.

The days of recruiting staff through newspapers or employment agencies are long gone. You need to be creative to pique potential employees’ curiosity and acquire staff. Talent needs to be recognised and fostered.

How precisely can a Tour Guide System help you in this?

Give a broad view of your company, for example at an open day. Our tour guide systems ensure that your potential employees understand everything you say on tours through your company. Using a Tour Guide System means that your group can be as large as you need it to be. Background noise no longer presents a problem.

How does it work?

Every visitor receives a small receiver with a single earpiece. The person taking the tour carries a small transmitter and an unobtrusive ear-hook microphone or headset. Guests can ask questions directly through the tour guide system with especially innovative solutions. The feedback/query mode needs to be activated by the guide. Our TOM-Audio TG-101.

What are the specific benefits?

  • Your voice is protected
  • There is no need to shout
  • All visitors hear the same message
  • Dialogue is possible

Professional image – offer your potential new employees the opportunity to get to know you and you company better. The attractiveness of an employer can be judged best of all in situ – the hiring procedure is akin to a sales process. Discuss matters with them in person, after all it’s the first impression that counts. For even greater authenticity, allow your employees to speak on your behalf. This comes across as credible and attractive.

Please feel free to contact us. We will help you find the best tour guide system for you and your company.

Tour guide system TOM-Audio TG-101 with dialogue function
Successfully guide your group with a tour guide system
Tour guide system TOM-Audio TG-200 with bag