Mobile speaker systems for the hotel industry

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Very diverse demands are made on a sound system in the hotel industry. Different scenarios require varied equipment features. How do you find the right sound system?

Many hotels offer a venue which can be used for private or business events. These rooms are individually configured depending on the planned event. Apart from appropriate seating and presentation equipment, organisers also expect a speaker system to simplify presentations or provide background music. 


Hoteliers have the choice of installing a permanent speaker system or installing a mobile audio system. If you opt for a mobile loudspeaker system, you can buy it or rent it for a specific occasion. Both options have advantages and disadvantages that you should weigh up against each other before making a decision.


Mobile audio system versus permanent installation

Mobile loudspeaker systems are available with a wide range of features. The individual models differ in terms of their sound quality, output, interfaces (Bluetooth, USB, MP3 player) and control. There are also considerable differences in the quality of production. High-quality mobile audio systems are designed to ensure the long service life of the components and housing. 


Unlike mobile loudspeaker systems, permanently installed loudspeakers cannot be adapted for a specific purpose. If you are hiring a space for a convention or talk, then you will need an audio system that carries the speaker’s voice clearly and distinctly from the stage to the auditorium. Events require a clean sound – whether voice transmission or musical playback. Every guest needs to be able to effortlessly follow talks and speeches, regardless of whether they are seated at the front, in the centre or to the rear of the room. By contrast, if the space is booked for a wedding, family or company party, then background sound or party music is required. A mobile system offers more benefits the more diverse the events are that are planned in a space – all the more so if the systems can also be rented.


Buying or renting a mobile loudspeaker system

Unlike permanent installations, mobile audio systems can be rented for specific events. A number of different factors affect the system you ultimately opt for:

  • Is your hotel primarily designed for events that are similar in nature (conventions, symposia, lectures)?
  • Do you have different sized venues within your portfolio?
  • Are events a permanent feature?
  • Do you intend to use one system in different locations?
  • Is a sound system also needed for outdoors?


Rental systems become all the more interesting the more diverse the demands placed on the audio system.


Why does quality trump price?

Mobile audio systems come in various price ranges. Generally, price also defines quality. Ultra-cheap systems do not deliver the sound quality required for professional use, nor are the components designed for a particularly long service life or feature careful workmanship. The latter quickly becomes painfully obvious particularly with mobile systems that need to be transported frequently. Therefore, offer your guests the performance they expect: a reliable, user-friendly and perfectly sized system that provides the perfect sound or musical backdrop to every event.

Tom-Audio TA-1000-XL