Testimonials: Seek and find customer references

Redakteur: Anna Kollmer                        Tour Guide Systems, Rental

References are more than just a documentation of our own work, they include stories of our customers’ happy endings and are a realistic reflection of our company. 

As part of the redesign of our website www.bmsaudio.de our Reference search has been overhauled. Our database includes over 3000 references and new references from a wide range of sectors are continuously being added.


//How do I find a reference?

1. Visit our Reference page.

2. Select your required Use . Search for your use case from over 25 areas, including guided visitor tours, audits and guided city tours.

3. Search for your required Product. If you are undecided, you can also view all products or get an impression of our products in the new attached catalogue.

4. Finish by selecting your Sector like industry or tourism, as each sector’s requirements differ.

5. To refine your search, you can also enter your postcode and your preferred search radius to display references from your region . Perhaps you even know the company?

6. As you can buy or rent from us, this offers yet another option for refining your search.

7. Would you like to know exactly what our customers say about our products? Then search for references with a PDF.

More than 3000 references in our database
More than 3000 references