The beta test starts: ELYSIUM tgs - tour guide system as an app

Redakteur: Alexander von Kleinsorgen                        ELYSIUM, BMS Audio

Not without pride BMS Audio presents the beta version of the app ELYSIUM tgs in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The public beta test has started and follows an intensive period of development. Since the first idea in 2016, the focus has always been consistently on implementing the requirements of the market for tour guide systems. Environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability were also reasons to start this project on our own. Our many years of experience are already flowing into the feasibility study in January 2018 and into the programming of the first prototype of the future app. But nobody knows the needs better than the tour guide himself.

Proactive research in the tourism industry became the central building block for the realisation of the app. A flawless technical implementation is the basic framework and here some technical challenges had to be solved. But in the end there is a reliable transmission to any number of participants. The completely new development is already ready for beta testing at the beginning of 2019 and is on its way to the publication of the app. Once here, ELYSIUM tgs offers numerous practical functions and enables visitor guidance without additional hardware.


Resources are saved because the smartphone already exists and no additional hardware has to be produced. The technology of the mobile Internet or WLAN is also future-proof and is constantly being improved and expanded. Compared to the radio frequencies of digital technology - the use of which varies from country to country - ELYSIUM tgs can be used legally worldwide. A personal guidance system as an app is a real innovation and the logical further development of previous devices.


  • massively reduced costs
  • minimal organizational effort
  • only the actual usage will be charged
  • no empty and transport costs
  • 24/7 available, worldwide
  • no output, collection, charging or disinfection of equipment
  • unlimited group size
  • Guide and guest use the same app - free downloadable


  • The guest list shows the participants of your tour as well as co-guides and also the distance to the guide.
  • GPS tracking clearly marks the guests on a map.
  • The switchable dialogue function allows participants to ask questions.
  • The text message feature offers important information transfer to the group in advance.
  • The "Guide me Home" function uses mobile navigation to guide participants to a specific meeting point.

Would you also like to take part in the free beta test? Please register here. This test is expected to run until the end of October 2019.

ELYSIUM - Tour Guide System App Startbild