Tour guide system versus app - what are the advantages?

Redakteur: Alexander von Kleinsorgen           

BMS Audio offers you all functions of a tour guide system as smartphone app - and even more! But is the app right for your application?

See all advantages of the App ELYSIUM tgs at a glance:

Tour Guide System App ELYSIUM tgs
Tour Guide functions Voice transfer from guide to guest no yes
Questions from guests conditionally yes
Integration of Co-Guides conditionally yes
Live translation no yes
Unlimited group size no yes
Simple group formation yes yes
Safety 100% hygienic (own devices) no yes
Navigation to meeting point no yes
GPS-Tracking conditionally yes
Comfort Message function no yes
Worldwide use no yes
Accounting of actual use no yes
Infinite range no yes
Not bound by national rules no yes
No hardware costs no yes
No transport costs no yes
Possible without Smartphone yes no

In our modern, digitalised world, the smartphone has gradually conquered almost all age groups. This is why a solution for your group tour with the smartphone of your guests is a good idea: ELYSIUM tgs.

A clear structure and easy handling of the app are mandatory. Save time and, above all, money: An investment in hardware is no longer necessary and the app is only billed if it is used via a license model. There is also no need to spend and collect the devices and subsequent disinfection and maintenance is also no longer necessary. The app is available in 10 languages.
Discover ELYSIUM tgs!

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