Buy or rent a tour guide system?

The often used phrase "Buying is better than renting" sounds good, but does not always apply. Many people think that renting is a waste of money. This is only true to a limited extent - the initial situation is decisive.

You have a seasonal business or have to absorb peak loads?

With a rent you save the empty and storage costs. Do you have different visitor or customer groups with different requirements for a tour guide system? You can choose the right equipment for your guided tour from our rental park. Our rental park contains tour guide systems with or without dialogue function as well as the TOM-Audio TG-200 for extra long tours with higher battery capacity and more stable range as well as 70 channels in total. We also offer appropriate solutions for people with disabilities.

You can also rent mobile loudspeaker systems from us. Be it for outdoor events or small and compact with carrying straps for guided tours in small circles.

Another advantage of renting is flexibility

The number of your group members changes or you need equipment at short notice? You can easily reorder. With our 24/7 service hotline we are always available for you in case of problems with your tour guide system. As an alternative, you can rent our tour guide systems on a long-term basis, for example for several months. If you decide to purchase, you have the possibility to test your desired product under real conditions. Our tour guide systems are always up to date as they can be updated. This is environmentally and resource friendly and you always have the latest product with a rental. We hygienically reprocess our rental receivers to avoid garbage. Care, storage and transport of the tour guide systems is in our hands, you don't have to worry about anything.

Let's keep in mind: renting is an uncomplicated alternative to buying!


Here you can download our tour guide systems catalogue or our rental catalogue.