Compact and effective – BMS Audio disinfection wipes

Redakteur: K.-A. Zeller                        Tour Guide Systems

Handy disinfection wipes make it so much easier to reuse headsets and group tour guide systems. BMS Audio offers individually wrapped wet wipes specifically for reusable headsets. These alcohol-free and odourless wipes simply disinfect handsets after use.

The new individually wrapped BMS Audio disinfection wipes are handy when it comes to hygiene. These practical wipes have been specifically developed for headsets and the surfaces of group tour guide systems. They therefore contain no alcohol or perfume, and are gentle on the plastic of the housings. Cleaning handsets and transmitters/receivers is essential for a long service life. They reliably disinfect the equipment, removing dust and dirt or traces of cream and powder.

“We have opted for individually wrapped wipes rather than off a roll. That way the wipes can be handed out specifically for each device. Ultimately, the user wants to be sure that his handset and receiver is disinfected to his own personal standard,” explains Thomas Bayerlein, Managing Director of BMS Audio. “What is more, that also complies with our understanding of resource conservation. The handsets look like new once they have been disinfected and can be reused with ease for a long period of time.”

The wet wipes are available in units of 100, 500 or in a box of 1,000. The packaging can be customised with your own logo. Individually wrapped, the wipes are ideal for use on the road and in between.

Disinfectant wipes for tour guide systems