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Our tour guide system – we love long-term relationships!

Quality is something very precious. Not just because sound is so much better, handling more pleasant and the products more stable in audio equipment. For us, quality also means preferring headsets that still work flawlessly after repeated use, look good and are perfectly hygienic, as if they have come straight from the manufacturer.

We ensure our rental equipment, microphones and handsets are cleaned professionally to meet our high hygiene standards. We have also developed a practically packaged disinfectant wipe for when you use the systems, enabling your customers and guests to clean the components any time. The cloths are alcohol-free, and so are gentle on the material and on your skin.

Update me

It’s annoying when the hardware is still working perfectly but the software is completely out of date. The answer is an interface for software updates – and all our tour guide systems have one.



Green power

Sustainability is not just a matter of hardware. Our clever charging concept means your batteries will be full again in an instant. The charging bags and cases ensure that our environmentally-friendly, durable lithium-polymer batteries deliver at full power!

That’s class!

High-quality crafted accessories are fun to work with. And the fun is here to stay, as our components are extremely high-quality and guarantee a long service life.

We love curiosity!

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Do you have a clever idea about how we can improve our environmental awareness even more? We look forward to your call! Do you need more information? Do you have questions? We’d be happy to offer free advice without obligation!

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